28 June, 2009

Swiss 4000m Peaks

Summit ridge on the Weissmies
Summit of the Weissmies
Rock Climbing in Almageller Alp
Cold and windy conditions on the Strahlhorn

Despite some mixed weather the team managed to bag all the peaks on the tick list. The Strahlhorn was our first objective completed in wild, windy and cold conditions. Drew managed to summit despite throwing up due to altitude...at least we could follow the sick trail on the way down! The next objective was a cruisy day on the Allalinhorn despite Tim's (the other Guide) terrible jokes. After a brief hotel night we headed off up to the Almageller hut and our next objective, the Weissmies. The next day began cloaked in mist. This cleared after an hour to reveal magnificent views of the Valais, Monterosa and the Matterhorn. The team now acclimatised were cruising up the south ridge making the summit in 5 hours. Then followed a short but steep snow descent down to the Weissmies hut and our greatest challenge of the week, getting the guardian to smile! Nigel managed to crowbar a smile from him - or was it the sight of Greg's red face that tipped the balance (lobster sunburn)? The last objective the Lagginhorn was in our grasp and done in just under guidebook time. A brilliant finish to a thoroughly entertaining week. Thanks guys for all your humour and sarcasm!
Here is the link to the pictures
Cheers Olly
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16 June, 2009

A date for your diaries...

You may have read before on this blog about our good mate, Dom Gill. He spent 22 months cycling the length of the Americas from Prudhoe Bay Alaska to the southern tip of Patagonia on a tandem in search of company and raising lots of money for Hope and Homes for Children

Now after being back for a few months and getting used to life in the 'real world', Dom's documentary of his trip is about to be shown on ITV4. We urge you all to make your way to a TV set on July 22 at 8pm to watch Dom's remarkable story.
Click on Dom's website for more info.

10 June, 2009

Berghaus Kit Testing in Chamonix

At MTRX we feel very proud of our of association with Berghaus and our role in actively helping them develop the ‘Extrem’ range into world leading products for mountaineers.
Over the past six months our guiding team has been equipped with the current range testing it to the full on our winter and spring programmes and last week they have been out putting prototypes for the forthcoming winter through their paces.
Susie gladly abandoned her desk and PC for a modeling role and acccompanied by fellow male model Matt, climbed all over the Aiguille du Midi and the boulders at the Col du Montet whilst Nick 'bathe it daily' clicked away on his Olympus like it was going out of fashion.
At the end of the week they were joined by Julie Gretton and Owen Smith from Berghaus HQ for a comprehensive feedback session. This was done thoroughly but not before squeezing in a fine ascent of the Cosmiques Arete just ahead of a big storm.
A journey to Chamonix, no matter how short, would not be complete without an alpine ascent!

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